Tonislava Docheva

I help mindful businesses & startups integrate social impact into their mission

Hi there,

I'm Toni - that's short for Tonislava. Ever since I was little, I was fascinated with stories. Later on in life, I discovered that stories have been defining to our evolution as a species by creating bond and trust between each other.

When I realized that stories can create powerful & authentic connections between brands and their clients - I was hooked. 

My Story..

I was originally born in Bulgaria and when I was 8 my family immigrated to Pennsylvania where I spent the rest of my childhood. My fascination with stories took me to San Francisco where I received a BA in Journalism from The Academy of Art University. Throughout my time there, I began writing for magazines on the topics of culture, art, fashion and design. Soon after I began working for a fast-growth Silicon Valley fash-tech startup called Stitch Fix . Although it was an exciting opportunity - I didn't feel fulfilled with the work I was doing. One day, I walked into a bookstore and picked up a book called The Foreigners which was a novel taking place in Argentina. Something inside of me lit up. A month later I packed my bags and moved to Buenos Aires. 

Not knowing anyone, or speaking the language - I still had a hunger to discover my purpose in this new country. I had a passion for entrepreneurship, innovation, and startups and began exploring the local startup eco-system. I soon discovered that it wasn’t very welcoming to a young, millennial woman like myself and often times I felt like an outsider at industry events.

I decided to create an entrepreneurial network of my own that would feel like a supportive community where I could explore, grow and learn from others. I began hosting small meetups and within a year 30 women turned to 200+ with regular workshops and speaker events creating what is now the Foreign Morning Platform.

From this experience, I discovered a market gap for insights and understanding of the female millennial generation. As a protagonist of that generation, I know exactly what drives us and what we deeply connect with. Although we are driven by purpose, experience and deep connection to community there are many nuances of emerging micro and macro trends from which evolve sub-communities. The millennial generation is vastly misunderstood and I want to bring light to that foreign territory so we can all evolve and deeply connect. 

My Philosophy

I believe that the best way to connect with people is to listen and observe and the best way to share with others is to tell your story in the most authentic way possible. 

My Expertise

Insight & Strategy Services:  Brand positioning, concept development,  innovation, audience understanding, communications planning, market entry

Creative Services: strategic partnerships, event production, digital strategy, content creation

My Promise

Through research, insight, forecasting, strategy and social purpose I discover patterns, solve challenges, enable ideas, create innovative solutions, and deliver sustainable business growth.


Work with Me

Message me to schedule a 30min phone consultation to see how I can help your business understand and connect with your audience. 

For inquiries about Foreign Morning you can email me at:

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