Tonislava Docheva


About Me

I was born in Varna, a coastal town on the Black Sea in Bulgaria. When I was 8, my family moved to the U.S. where I grew up. I went on to live in San Francisco, California, Buenos Aires, Argentina and now I've settled in Lisbon, Portugal.

Through these experiences, I've gained a global perspective and insight of the U.S., South American, and European markets, from working in print and digital media, to fashion and emerging technology.  I use these insights to build a voice that's forward thinking and engaging.

I started my career in San Francisco where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Proximity to Silicon Valley sparked an early interest in startups and I worked for several early stage startups in marketing and communications, fueling my passion for building brands and telling their stories

In 2016, I moved to Buenos Aires, where I founded an organization to support female entrepreneurship. In 1 year, I grew the community to over 500+ women entrepreneurs, hosting over 15+ events and workshops. Building this community was one of the greatest personal and professional achievements. 

Following my entrepreneurial adventure, I moved to Portugal and took my experience to a growth-hacking agency, where I've created strategies for multiple tech startups. 

Currently I am freelancing and love working with exciting new projects that want to bring positive impact to this world! 


Let's Chat!

Are you curious to talk? I'd love to hear from you. Send me a message and let's grab a coffee in sunny Lisbon or chat through the phone.

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