Tonislava Docheva

What is the Muse-Letter? 

For as long as I can remember I had an obsession with mornings. Even more so, there’s something so pure about a Sunday Morning. A quiet stillness;  soft and gentle like the waves of a calm sea washing ashore. I would often get lost in this space reading a book and writing in my journal while cradling a cup of coffee from a steaming french press.

I found great comfort in this ritual that I had established but I wasn’t quite sure what was the underlying reason for my love - affair with Sunday Morning. Words were not sufficient to describe it and then finally one morning, over a span of many mornings, subsequently many years,  it crystallized in my head - it is a sacred space for self-discovery -

that is however, if you allow it.

But why are mornings such a ripe, opportune time for self-discovery? I’ve thought about this as well and in a rather open-ended conclusion I’ve discovered ; it is a time of no-time. It doesn’t belong to the day and it doesn’t belong to the night. It doesn’t belong to the week, and it doesn’t quite belong to the weekend. So who does it belong to then? -- if you already have a hunch then you’re on the right track -- It belongs to you.  If only you would accept it?   

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On a Sunday morning, you hover gently in between two worlds ; you feel an anticipation for what’s to come coupled with a reflection of what was. A parallel dimension which feels like time has stopped solely for the purpose of connecting deeper with yourself.

As soon as I had the proper form to express this discovery, I wanted to share it with you.  

And here it is in what I call Sunday Morning Muse-Letter.

Here I offer you my curiosities, musings, thoughts, questions, and reflections as a sort of guide through the maze of your own self-discovery. As I dive into my own psyche through the words and worlds of others, my job is simply to share and pass on for your digestion. What you choose to do with it is entirely up to you.  

I believe that only through this parallel, can we explore our own dual nature and reconnect to the parts of ourselves that we have forgotten, neglected or malnourished. I’m a believer in taking great care and time for that which gives us pleasure. But how do we know what gives us pleasure if we do not take the time to discover it?

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